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[b]Conan - 2012 - Monnos [320K/CBR][/b]


Artist: Conan
Album: Monnos
Genre: Doom, Metal
Label: Burning World Records
Language: English
Release Date: April 13, 2012
Number of Tracks: 6
Total Length: 00:39:25
Total Size: 92.42 MB
Format: MPEG 1 Layer III (mp3), Joint Stereo
Quality: 320 KBPS, 44 KHz, CBR


Conan are comprised almost exclusively of sonic devastation. They exist as a kind of touchstone, a comparison point of tone-worship taken to a new extreme û you hear another band trying to be really, really heavy, and you ask yourself, ôWell, okay, but is it as heavy as Conan?ö The answer will nearly always be no.
The British trio debuted with 2007's Battle in the Swamp EP, but made their first seismic footprint with 2010's four-track / 32-minute Horseback Battle Hammer; also slated as an EP, but with more than enough heft in the tones of guitarist Jon Davis and then-bassist John McNulty ù since replaced by Phil Coumbe, who also contributes vocals alongside Davis' own ù for a full-length album. Horseback Battle Hammer and an ensuing 2011 split with Slomatics  inspired devotion enough to get Conan picked up by the prestigious Burning World Records, who now offer the band's first official LP, Monnos.
Recorded at Foel Studios by Chris Fielding (Electric Wizard, Moss, Serpent Venom, etc.), the record gloriously basks in being what you might expect if you've heard Conan's output up to this point û a ceremony conducted in homage to distorted punishment and doomed riffing. Drummer Paul O'Neil cuts through a muck unmatched by any other to set a pace that varies mostly from plod to stomp, but Conan show on Monnos that they can balance weight and movement, particularly on the earlier part of the six-track offering, which opens with the relatively upbeat 'Hawk as Weapon.'

Track Listing:

01. Hawk As Weapon (06:20), 14.88 MB
02. Battle In The Swamp (04:45), 11.23 MB
03. Grim Tormentor (05:55), 13.90 MB
04. Golden Axe (05:40), 13.33 MB
05. Headless Hunter (07:49), 18.24 MB
06. Invincible Throne (08:56), 20.83 MB

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