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Deuce - 2012 - Nine Lives (Limited Edition) [320K/VBR] effone
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deuce 2012 rock 320k vbr effone

2012-04-27 17:16:55 GMT
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Artist: Deuce
Album: Nine Lives
Genre: Rap, Rock, Alternative
Label: Five Eleven Music
Language: English
Release Date: 24 April, 2012
Number of Tracks: 13
Total Length: 00:54:15
Total Size: 100.63 MB
Format: MPEG 1 Layer III (mp3), Joint Stereo
Quality: 320 KBPS, 44 KHz, VBR


As the frontman and co-founder of rap-rock group Hollywood Undead, Deuce mastered the art of creating a catchy, anthemic song, complete with rebellious lyrics and hooks so catchy, they're stuck in the listener's head for days.

Now, after parting ways with Hollywood Undead, Deuce is going out on his own, and the singer, songwriter and producer has unchained his debut solo album, Nine Lives.

'Nine Lives' launches off with Let's Get it Crackin, an in-your-face, attitude-packed track with a thick drum beat and edgy guitars. Deuce goes in detail about his party-happy lifestyle in this track, and the song brings a brash, brazen mix of hip-hop, rock and swagger that's purpose-made for the club.

Track Listing:

01. Lets Get It Crackin (Feat. Jeffree Star)  (04:48), 8.46 MB
02. Help Me  (04:18), 7.83 MB
03. America  (04:06), 7.44 MB
04. I Came To Party (feat. Truth And Travie McCoy)  (03:40), 6.43 MB
05. The One  (03:35), 6.57 MB
06. Freaky Now (Feat. Truth & Jeffree Star)  (04:34), 8.81 MB
07. Nobody Likes Me (Feat. Truth & Ronnie Radke)  (05:25), 10.54 MB
08. Walk Alone  (03:21), 6.69 MB
09. Till I Drop (Feat. Truth, Gadget & Veze Skante)  (04:43), 8.64 MB
10. Gravestone  (03:55), 7.44 MB
11. Now You See My Life (Feat. Skee-Lo)  (04:18), 7.78 MB
12. Deuce Dot Com (Bonus Track)  (03:25), 6.51 MB
13. Don't Approach Me (Bonus Track)  (04:07), 7.49 MB


Good Download
listened to 9 songs already and i haven't had any problems yet.
Thank you so much for the feedback 'MadHatta'. There are more than 300 downloads completed, at least you have bothered.
Great quality! 5/5 from me, awesome upload! Thanks! :D
Great Quality, and awesome album. Recommended! Thanks for the upload :)
duece was better ith undead i think but this is still good shit thanks man for this
Love this album. I saw Deuce perform this in April, he even signed my Dove and Grenade tattoo.
Good Quality. Thanks!

no, deuce is a pimp. get over hollywood undead, cause now they're little pansies -.- it's sad, i love their old music, like from when deuce was writing it all :P
It's not fucking 320kps.