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Clubroot - 2012 - III-MMXXII [320K/CBR] effone
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clubroot 2012 dubstep 320k effone

2012-04-25 22:13:37 GMT
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Artist: Clubroot
Genre: Dark Ambient, Dub, Dubstep, Ambient
Label: Lo Dubs
Language: English
Release Date: 2012
Number of Tracks: 13
Total Length: 01:12:01
Total Size: 165.03 MB
Format: MPEG 1 Layer III (mp3), Stereo
Quality: 320 KBPS, 44 KHz, CBR


What started out as a refined, airy dubstep project - heavily influenced by the mist and trembles of Burial - ended up becoming one of the most solid trilogies in recent electronic music, with some indescribably dazzling moments that still linger in my spine. Clubroot will have to carry the 'Burial epigone' until the end of his days (the nastiest will call him an imitator), but there were quite a few songs on ôClubrootö (2009) and the orbital ôII - MMXö on which the student achieved his master's level and looked him straight in the eye, fearless. There's a few of those moments on ôIII - MMXIIö, too, a record that should be closing a creative circle, and an opportunity to step back and think about which direction to take. It should be closing a circle, because, even though Daniel Richmond maintains the level of his previous two efforts, the formula is starting to show some wear, his movements are becoming somewhat predictable. While the first album created reasonable doubt (it was a perfect copy, but a copy it was), and the second took away that same doubt (before Burial renovated his stylistic resources with the prog twists on ôLonerö, Clubroot had already used elements of trance on pieces like ôOrbitingö and ôCherubs Cryö), on his third LP, he returns to introspection and expansion, at the considerable risk of collapsing inwards without the possibility to recover.

Track Listing:

01. Ennio's Eden  (05:00), 11.47 MB
02. Left-Hand Path  (05:43), 13.09 MB
03. Summons  (06:02), 13.81 MB
04. Lurking In The Shadows  (05:43), 13.11 MB
05. Demon Drum  (04:41), 10.73 MB
06. Murmur Interlude  (02:56), 6.75 MB
07. Garrison  (04:27), 10.22 MB
08. Faith In Her  (04:37), 10.57 MB
09. Tempt Fate  (04:49), 11.02 MB
10. Celestial  (05:51), 13.41 MB
11. Inviolable  (04:42), 10.79 MB
12. My Kingdom  (04:17), 9.82 MB
13. Restraint/Untitled  (13:13), 30.24 MB