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Cage - Hell's Winter (Double Album)
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This is Hell's Winter from Cage, the most personal album from him to this day,the beats are brilliant, so it comes with a instrumental version also.

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      - I pump my fists to bleed out to catch her and let the worms play 
         And tell her I'm sorry I gave her death for her birthday -



Musicians always use their art as a way to exorcise their inner demons. Cage has more than most, some thanks to his own doing and some from factors out of his control. He took control of his life and showed the demons that they had to leave him. He quite the drugs, quite the junk food, quite the rock-n-roll lifestyle altogether. He found a label that believed in him and could give him what he needed musically (and financially), with no restraints. That is what "Hell's Winter" is; Cage in his purest and truest form speaking on his life. No more misogyny, no more acid trips, mo more over the top shock and awe rap. Whether airing out his issues with EC (Public Property #12), airing out his issues with the current administration (Grand Ol' Party Crash #3) or just wylin out with his weatherman crew (Left It to Us #11), Cage is a transformed man. He confronted what had been done to him in the past and took responsibility for what he has done in the past, and wrote about it. Not only did he write about it but he brought it to life. The combination of him and El-P is amazing. El delivers some of his most symphonic beats yet. They are just as full of life as the verses Caged penned for them. On top of that El is just a little connected and brought in some friends. DJ Shadow makes a very special appearance with his crazy drum programming. Blockhead just blows your mind with his contributions finding the most subtle, and beautiful combinations of strings, horns, and drums. RJ is here in typical fashion with the MTV ready "Shoot Frank" with an unbelievable hook sung by Darryl Palumbo. The bottom line is one emcee had an opportunity to create something special, and while most would cower at that challenge he took it head on and delivered something right back that no one would have ever predicted.


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