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Disturbed - The Sickness [FLAC]
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2007-10-03 01:14:16 GMT

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Disturbed's 2002 album "The Sickness" ripped in .flac format =]

If you don't know what .flac format is, or don't know what media players, burning programs, etc. support it, then check out . It'll explain it for you a lot better than I can ^_^


Awesome seed time! You rock!
=] Glad to help ya out

and yes, people, PLEASE seed. I tend to have internet problems sometimes, and I don't want people to lose out b/c nobody else is seeding in my place
hello! I have a question, can I request music on this site?I mean is there a place to do that? for example I would like BFMV in flac format. i'd appreciate ur help/answer.Thanks!:)
Scanspeak, no I don't think you can. If you can't find it on this site, though, just try a google search of "BFMV albums torrent" or something like that. I'm sure it's on the web somewhere.

Fant0men, no problem =]
Thank you Redtheghost ;-)
Hey redtheghost:

Can you host your torrent again? (not re-post, just seed the same one)
No one's seeding it...

Thanks (and I'll keep seeding! :D)
is it not seeding for you? alright, I will. just a sec
alright, it should be working fine now. send me an IM (not an email) if it's not working again.

[email protected]
or email at
[email protected]

although IM me (windows messenger) if I'm on, b/c I rarely check it
It's too bad a lot of the FLAC uploads don't see nearly as much light of day as the regular 192/320 mp3 bitrates. FLAC is so much better...if people could only understand that I think everyone would use FLAC regardless of the size of the songs. Digital space has become dirt cheap, it's time to go big baby!!
I completely agree. I believe the only reason people still donwload MP3s is that most music players don't have support for lossless formats.
...or if they just don't know about it, of course.
thank you for this torrent, I was going to buy it, but since I downloaded and converted it to .wav, I don't have to buy it, just burn it and creat cd art work and creat a cd case with Disturbed art work work. The music is alsome, The download only took 2 hours considering the amount of seeders. Great work Redtheghost, Thank you. ROCK ON!!
Thanks for the upload man, I prefer DL'ing FLACs over MP3s because I can use my own software to convert them :)
Is it just me or has this been severely normalized? I've noticed significant drops in volume during loud parts. But anyhow, FLAC is great and all, but TAK has better compression and is still lossless. In order to get comparable compression from FLAC, you need to do a little tinkering with the 0, 8 variable. For those that know command line usage, you'll know what I'm talking about.
I don't even remember when I ripped this, so...
great rip man!