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Death Angel - Archives & Artifacts (3 cd + 1 DVD)(FLAC)
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Death Angel - Archives & Artifacts

Product Description
Relive the early days of legendary thrash metal from Death Angel! This deluxe set includes newly remastered and expanded editions of their classic first two albums, The Ultraviolence and Frolic Through The Park. Each features additional tracks, including the long-demanded official release of the "Kill As One" demos, produced by Kirk Hammet of Metallica. A third full-length CD features never before released recordings from the classic era, including demos and live material! Also included: An exclusive DVD collection of long-lost video archives from the Death Angel vaults, including rare performances filmed in their rehearsal space and their classic early music videos!

The Ultra-Violence (CD 1):
1. Thrashers
2. Evil Priest
3. Voracious Souls
4. Kill As One
5. The Ultra-Violence
6. Mistress of Pain
7. Final Death
8. I.P.F.S.
9. Thrashers (Kill as One Demo)
10. Kill as One (Kill as One Demo)
11. The Ultra-Violence (Kill as One Demo)

Frolic Through the Park (CD 2):
1. 3rd Floor
2. Road Mutants
3. Why You Do This
4. Bored
5. Devil's Metal
6. Confused
7. Guilty of Innocence
8. Open Up
9. Shores of Sin
10. Cold Gin (Kiss cover)
11. Mind Rape
12. Dehumanization (bonus)
13. Silent Killer (bonus)
14. Witches of Knave (bonus)

CD 3:
1. Vultures Nest (demo) (4:24)
2. The Hurt (unreleased song) (4:14)
3. Conflict Of Interest (demo) (5:07)
4. A Passing Thought (demo) (7:00)
5. Elegy (demo) (4:20)
6. Aspirations (demo) (5:25)
7. Dismal (demo) (3:27)
8. The Morrows Memoirs (demo) (4:14)
9. Samson (demo) (2:40)
10. Frolic Through The Park (garage recording) (3:29)
11. Betrayed (studio outtake) (3:15)

The DVD includes all videos and rehearsal pieces with live footage:
1. Death Angel Intro
2. Original Electronic Press Kit
3. International TV Interview (Finnish subtitles)
4. Guilty Of Innocence (video clip)
5. Bored (video clip)
6. Voracious Souls (video clip)