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Metallica - And Justice For All 1988 (Unique Custom Remaster, 20
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Metallica - And Justice For All 1988 (Unique Custom Remaster, 2007) FLAC Lossless

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Tracks 1-9: FLAC Lossless

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FLAC Lossless (In other words, full quality compressed to generally about 1/2 of an Audio CD size)

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481 MB

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1. Metallica - Blackened (Remastered) (6:42)
2. Metallica - ...And Justice For All (Remastered) (9:45)
3. Metallica - Eye Of The Beholder (Remastered) (6:27)
4. Metallica - One (Remastered) (7:26)
5. Metallica - The Shortest Straw (Remastered) (6:35)
6. Metallica - Harvester Of Sorrow (Remastered) (5:45)
7. Metallica - The Frayed Ends Of Sanity (Remastered) (7:44)
8. Metallica - To Live Is To Die (Remastered) (9:48)
9. Metallica - Dyers Eve (Remastered) (5:14)

General info

What to say... Of all the Metallica albums, this one is definately the one I dislike the most. The recording is just horrible. The bass guitar is barely there at all, it can just be heard as a presence sometimes. And it doesn't have any lower frequencies to give some fluidity and drive to the bottom end. That is left up to the kick, which is equalized to, as it seems, fill the bass-space the bass should. It doesn't kick (you know, "thump"), it just clicks, followed by a slow surge of subsonics.

The recording itself is horrible. Going from "Master Of Puppets" or "Ride The Lightning" to this is like day and night. I suppose someone decided that the ambience and reverbs or those earlier albums sounded way too good, so they decided to stick the drums in a sonically dead vocal booth. Everything is dry as a desert. There is a hint of reverb on some instruments, but even the reverb is thin and crap, and it doesn't help at all in giving some extra depth. The drums are definately the biggest dissapointment here.

I also don't like any of the tracks (possibly because the recording sounds like a turd). You would definately be better off just getting hold of the tracks recorded off live performances (official recordings that is), and compiling them to an album. It is amazing when you actually hear for example the title track in a live recording, because it sounds alot better. Just compare the track "One" with the version they recorded for "S&M". There is an indescribable difference, even if you ignore the orchestra.

Anyways, I am not happy with this at all. One of the rules I should have when working on stuff like this is that I myself should want to listen to it, but that doesn't apply with this one. I still think it sounds pretty bad, mostyl due to the lack of the bassguitar. This is just for everyone elses sake. :)

So what have I done? Well, lots of things. I have just done whatever I could to make this sound acceptable to me personally. I have used a barrage of stuff, experimenting over and over to try and find what best suits the sound.

Equalizing: Just to level out the spectrum so that certain things aren't hidden. The Original was described as being "thin", and that's thanks to the low-mid section being hollowed out. This has been corrected.

Acoustics: This one I haven't used before, but I felt it could lend a new dimension to the tracks. The worst part about the original is that it is so completely one-dimensional. No room ambience or anything. So I threw on acoustic processors of various kinds (reverbs, and other types) to try and bring some life back into the record (so that it atleast sounds like it was recorded in some kind of room instead of the vacuum of space). The result is a more dimensional sound, with both reverb in the distance, aswell as another dimension in the foreground.

Transient Processors: To try and balance the transients (quick attacks) coming from drums and percussive instruments. The transients are important for determining the "closeness" of a sound to the listener. Altering the amplitude of these can also change the character of certain sounds. It can be used as a sort of compression, but it only affects the isolated transients and not the body of sounds. Also it can be used for expansion rather than compression (making the snare drum snap even louder for example). I've used it to make transients more subtle, which makes snares etc appear to be further away. I did this because I also added reverb etc, and I wanted to give a sense of distance and depth a la the older albums. The attenuation of peaks also helps make the tracks flow better (less peaks to break the flow. And it is alot better to use for this purpose than compression which affects the whole signal, not just the transients.

Harmonic Processors: Since the bassguitar is completely missing, I have tried to expand the guitars downwards to atleast give some bottom edn and "gut" to this mess.

Compression/Lmiting: Because it was sorely needed. The original is very flat. There is no sense of "unity" to the separate parts of the track (they don't "interact" sonically in any way, like slightly push eachother out of the way or such). They also seem to not have been compressed indivudually either.

The result sounds alot better than the original (In my opinion ofcourse). But it is still very flat and dull, and this is an album I'd rather not listen to. I even prefer St. Anger, which has alot better production value than this (if that tells you anything).

In my opinion, they should have just stuck with the setup they had with Master Of Puppets. It's old, but the reverbs, guitar delay units, ambience and depth they had on that album is on of the most impressive I've heard so far.


Hej001: Sorry, I didn't realize that your earlier comments were made sarcastically. :)

I am not sure I agree with "iPod earbud sound", though I've not used an iPod specifically so I cannot compare the sonical aspects. I am of course assuming that you mean to imply that iPod earbuds are bad sounding? :)

If you'd be able to make some more concise comments, I would be happy to read and comment on them. Cheers. :)
Hello Tech-Noir. Like "expometty", i signed in TPB just to congratulate and thank you for your HARD work. I have "Ride The Lightning" on vinyl and i'm showing some real good music to my 12 year brother, and since i don't have the tools to transfer to digital, i was looking for it on the net and found your torrents.
Let me tell : you have made an outstanding work with the Metallica albums.
As you said, you had the freedom studio engineers don't have to experiment and try different settings, levels and stuff like that. You have been creative in your own way and fucking thanks for that.
It's just my opinion, but you improved these albums. And i know, AJFA is A case.
Man, Master Of Puppets sounds SUPERB. OMG, i almost cum listening to it ...
I think even the band should thank you.
Your work is a form of tribute to all these great songs. Besides, if stupid Fred Durst is allowed to perform Welcome Home (Sanitarium) on TV, you have all the rights to give another view to those albums.
Millions of thanks and congratulations. You really deserve a reward.
Two more things to mention : You are an example, not only for sharing a damn hard work, but in posting torrents description and comments with correct usage of language. I hate lazy writing and free insults.
And to the people who complaint about Tech-Noir's torrents : Stick with what you like and shut up. It's in the torrent's title. Unique CUSTOM Remaster. And i love'em all.

Thanks for the long comment Groottenn. Very kind of you to take the time, I very much appreciate it! :)
Evil_Demonz_Are_Scary = Troll. With his other friends.

Tech: You are very civilized in your demeanor with these idiots. I'd like to see these foul mouthed morons publish something of their own. Thanks for your work and effort.
Atleast Tech is UPLOADING something he worked on. Some of these people should have to pass a basic TEST before they can get an internet connection...
FLAC = WAV = FLAC you stupid illiterate uneducated fatherless motherless cry babies. Stop swimming in your own diarrhea and start putting up your own work instead of flaming. If you don't like it, go BUY the original. Oh wait, you'd need to get a job for that first. Unemployed burnt necks. All lossless means LOSSLESS. WAV is lossless. WAV is a way to tell your computer how to read CDDA as a FILE format. FLAC is COMPRESSED WAV. Go read a book you stupid idiots. Now why don't you trolls go find Trojans in your PC since you can't afford real condoms which is why you have kids that grow up to be just like you. Last word of advice to you trolls. Stop having sex. Please. For the good of all man kind.
WAV is also the standard way to edit audio on a PC. There are other formats similar to WAV. The only problem is WAV has no tags, but FLAC, Monkey'sAudio, Apple Lossless, etc allows for tags. Stupid morons. This is exactly why I support higher prices for everything so idiots like you always end up with a lower standard of living. Go stick your mp3 players in your anals and see if they vibrate. Stay off the FLAC.
CaptainSpaulding = Troll number 2. Why don't you upload something worth while? The way you speak clearly shows your level of education. Decent sound system? You mean LOUD? Is that what you got? LOUDNESS? Do you even know what to look for in an audio recording that is imperfect? Do you know how the recording studios work? Do I need to educate your dumbass on the difference between Recording Artist, Recording Studio, and Record Label?
I love how you idiots group these together into one entity. Metallica may have conducted the songs the way they were meant to be conducted, but this does not mean the RECORDING STUDIO did a great job of mixing. Obviously Tech makes it perfectly clear he is no professional, but IMHO, he does a better job than some professionals. He even states his dissatisfaction with his own work. He's far from the name calling you trolls are subjecting him to. Infact, the more things you claim he sucks on, chances are, you only wish you could suck. Is the UK full of words like "Wanker, and Arse xyz" ? All that rain and bad teeth making you lose your tongue there "matey"? if you don't like it, get off the internet, go to a Record Store, and lose a few pounds "arsehole". Quit moaning about someone else's contribution. He tried. You didn't. End of story. Word of advice, stop having any relations with women, and start with getting a job even if its just holding dicks. Get paid to do it.
Metallica needs to re-release this in 24bit 96khz atleast since the original master tapes probably have more data than the CD limitations would allow. They need to then REMASTER multiple channels for each piece of equipment used, before they make a stereo remaster. The originals need to be more each master tape on each microphone. This would probably allow for a better clean up and frequency pass where needed (or not needed). The CD itself is not Lossless theoretically speaking. It looses finer details. Coupled with a bad mixing technique and the sounds you want pronounced are altered resulting in listening fatigue. Good clean balanced EQ means one can listen for hours comfortably. Which is clearly not the case here. Tech worked with what he had. A CD. Not the original master tapes. For that I commend him on the effort.
ChillyCrossFoot; Thanks for the comments. I personally wouldn't give obvious trolls that kind of attention, but... ;)
Unbelievable. Why haven't Metallica remastered an album of their own? (pre Black Album years of course) Or have they??? If they have...I sure haven't heard anything about it. The only closest thing that comes to mind is Garage Days RE-Re-revisited (was it 3 re's?) & I'm not even sure if it was remastered...It just had more cover tunes. I remember buying Justice on cassette at Music+Plus in '89...Just checked Amazon and its still the 1988 print. WTF. Although Lars & Co. seem to annoy the heck out of me now, I still enjoy & will continue to love their classic stuff, but they are really outdated by todays standards and need to be redone. Maybe add a bonus disk & I'm sure it would sell enough to keep Lars two-face happy....I guess it's not that important...whatever. Kudos Tech-Noir, appreciate the attempt.
Okay...I just found out about the remasters (didn't know about them before). DCC remaster version & the Japanese 25DP version. Apparently, from what I read, the Japanese version is way better. Heres the link for "Metallica Audiophile Collection" torrent on Demonoid. It has all (both versions) remasters in lossless flac.


1983 - Kill 'Em All (Megaforce Records MRI CD069)
1984 - Ride the Lightning (SONY/CBS 25DP 5340 and DCC 24k Gold)
1986 - Master of Puppets (SONY/CBS 25DP 5234 and DCC 24k Gold)
1988 - ...And Justice for All (SONY/CBS 25DP5178)
1991 - Metallica (The Black Album) (Japanese 1st Pressing SRCS 5577)
could someone reseed this please!stuck on 95%! Great remasters!
Excellent job with this album, especially since the original sucked sonically. And don't worry about the bass guitar, I think the band were stupid to mix it that way.
Could you make an mp3 version of this and Master of Puppets please!?
Can you please make an mp3 version of this and MoP please!?

first of all sorry if sometimes my englis is nothe best....
I admire your work and commitment, but dont you
think james voice (in your remaster) has to much of
depth effect, and the drums althow in the original is slightly more dry, but that adds more impact.
Sometimes the better things has some deffects (own charactheristics) that make somthing special, like jay lo not perfect butt eventhow much desirable, a car with rear traction and not perffect grip. And there is something that i do not agree at all, the fact that you mencioned and justice f all beeing so bad for you that you dont listen to it. It is great album, fucking good.
Ilike the original the way it is.
Thank you for your hard work.
icant wait to try cure, since they got alaid back sound in some albuns, specially roberts voice
I have heard all three of your Metallica remasters and chose to comment on this one, simply because the production sucked so bad, and "justice" definitely needed the most attention. You are a remastering genius. You may not like the end result of this album in particular, but dude, you brought so much life out of that record, it's unreal! I am more than impressed. Keep it up. There are several more albums out there that need your tender care. I would love to hear what you could do to the mess that is St. Anger, or even Death Magnetic. Could you take the Guitar Hero 3 tracks (readily available out on the net) and give them your own special treatment? Please don't use the original CD version, as it's brickwalled and definitely not worth touching. There is a version of DM out there that most people consider to be the best current remaster of the GH3 tracks. It's by a guy who calls himself MarckIII. If you could remaster his version, I'm sure you'd be able to bring it to life even further. Again, thanks for your efforts. You made all 3 of these Metallica albums shine!
Thank you. Do you have a custom remaster of Kill 'em All?
Thank you. Will you remastering Kill "em All?
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