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Metallica - Master Of Puppets 1986 (Unique Custom Remaster, 2007
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2007-07-19 17:59:24 GMT

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Metallica - Master Of Puppets 1986 (Unique Custom Remaster, 2007) MP3 VBR

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-Source material:
Tracks 1-8: FLAC Lossless ("Metallica - Master Of Puppets (Remastered) (FLAC) {Team Gnostic}")

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MP3 VBR (Variable Bitrate, High Quality)

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104 MB

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1. Metallica - Battery (Remastered) (5:12)
2. Metallica - Master of Puppets (Remastered) (8:36)
3. Metallica - The Thing That Should Not Be (Remastered) (6:37)
4. Metallica - Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Remastered) (6:27)
5. Metallica - Disposable Heroes (Remastered) (8:16)
6. Metallica - Leper Messiah (Remastered) (5:40)
7. Metallica - Orion (Instrumental) (Remastered) (8:27)
8. Metallica - Damage, Inc. (Remastered) (5:29)

General info

I "remastered" Slipknots "vol 3 - The Subliminal Verses" about 2 years ago or something, and it became a pretty popular torrent with about 3000+ downloads from TPB. The comments were also very positive for it. Not saying that the people who downloaded it, or me for that matter, are qualified to properly judge audio fidelity or quality. But the result was pretty good I reckon.

So now I thought I would do the same again. I recently downloaded Metallica's "Master Of Puppets" mostly because I thought I'd see what all the fuzz is about. I only enjoy some select groups in rock and such, mostly a Trance, Electronic, Vangelis type listener.

Anyways, I liked the songs alot (I enjoy nice guitar lines sliiightly more than "emo" lyrics, or screaming your head off, you know, things like that).

But I was struck by the extremely poor quality. Now, unlike Slipknot's "Vol. 3" (2005) this was recorded back in 1986, so I'm not really complaining.
But I even managed to track down a .FLAC torrent which specified it as "remastered", and I found no differences other than the volume and maybe some very subtle changes. The remaster was from 1999, so I guess they just took the original tapes, and ran them through some other equipment that didn't change a whole lot (still very weirdly mixed, and very hard to listen to in my opinion.

Still, people enjoy this album so much, so imagine how much they might like a more "proper" version which has been thoroughly processed to meet the standards of recent or even current records... :)

Anyways, I can objectively say that there is a HUGE difference between the source album and the final results. Not just a subtle vacuum compressor added, or something like that. There is alot of stuff I've done, that together help in taking the sonics of a 1986 album to 2007.

Here are some examples:

Denoising: The tapenoise is present on all tracks, especially on quiet sections or on soft guitar-intros etc ("Battery" intro for example). It has also been made alot more audible with some Equalizing I''ve done. But thanks to the wonders of VSTs, that's gone, and I mean completely. Care has been taken to keep all the actual music in, and only affect the noise that shouldn't be there.

Equalizing: Lots of it. Balancing the audio spectrum to make sure no parts stick out and pierce your eardrums when you turn up the volume. Also, this balancing makes the sound just sound overall "fatter". The original had certain parts of the spectrum boosted compared to other, so you ended up with thin "peaks" of sound, and the rest was not easily heard from underneath.

Bass Processing: Subharmonic generators are great. Because of the quite poor mixing and equalizing of the original source (aswell as probably limitations and such of older recording technology), the bassguitar is often not heard at all, except for during less busy parts of tracks. There isn't much low-end or bass in it (if you are used to listen to modern records you will notice it alot). The low-end was also quite wobbly and weirdly recorded, it lacked alot of tightness.
SO what I have done is actually high-passing some of the low-end, to get rid of some of that. After that, a Bass-ehancer is used to get some low-end back. It actually analyses a higher portion of the audio spectrum (for example the more high-frequency part of the bass guitar present in the mixes) and from that it constructs a synthetic low-end that matches the higher part. If done right, the result can be excellent. I think it sounds pretty good. :)

Stereo work: Some slight stereo-enhancing has taken place. Nothing big, but it adds to the overall sound. If you overdo this, you can ruin the dept-perception of far-sounding instruments like the reverb of a snaredrum, or a guitar line with reverb. So subtle changes only.

High-End enhancing: Similar to Bass Processing and Subharmonic generators, only it affects the high-end. It analyses audio to add new content to the audio signal. This can be used to great effect to add new sparkle to a track that lacks a high-end altogether, or you can just use it to spice up the already present sizzle of a track. Also, it can add a great sense of air to the highest part of the audio spectrum. If the recording sounds very muffled or "closed" for some reason, this little processor can add a "shimmer" that helps alot in making the track easier to listen to thanks to a much more "open" feel. A subtle change also (and not really necssary in this case because there was high-end already there), but the openness you get, along with the slight uppwards expansion of certain instruments and reverbs, makes it a welcome contribution.

Compression etc: I'm not a fan of compression with traditional compressors, especially not in situations like these. I've instead used tape-like processors, that don't have the prone-ness to pumping that normal "threshold" compressors can have.
The effect of tape-processors is transparent and continuous, so you never get a sense of the compression kicking in at a certain volume. The source here is quite punchy and transient-rich, so you can use quite aggressive settings with great results. Even thought it can be very hard to actually "hear" the result, A-B-ing reveals a "fatter" sounds that still retains alot of punch and openness.

Transient Processing: Nothing changed in the upper frequencies, but the low-end kicks a bit more and is less flat. Bass-frequencies bounce and move more volume-wise.

Other notes:

Some "issues" are still there. There is clicking in parts of tracks or just a small section or just a single click here and there. In some cases it sounds like clipping (and in some cases it could be clipping from the original source) but I didn't introduce any of the obvious ones atleast. :) Some weren't even audible before I equalized and such, and others are just do to old technology while recording. I don't have the desire to swat them out one by one, and click-reduction almost always affects the attacks and "good" clicks from snares, hihats and such, if only little. So this was not a priority and not used here.

Distorted and "loose"-sounding Bassguitar in certain parts (certain sections of "The Thing That Should Not Be" where the guitar goes down low in pitch and climbs back up). Not my fault, its in the original recordings and made somewhat "worse" by equalizing. It would need re-recording to fix properly, and although I don't like the sound of it at all, you will have to take it as nostalgia. Besides, if you were enjoying the original sound... ;)

Overall, this is, in quality aspects, a really polished turd. So the sound will sometimes be accordingly.

Creative changes: There are a few "Creative" changes made, that are different from equalizing and other things (that only alter volume etc of already existing sound information). Some processors add new audio that wasn't there before, namely the Bass and High-End Processors. The Stereo work also add some new material, although it only adds a subtle "presence" and is largely negligible.

But, since I think that some of these aspects add to the sound, and some were necessary, I added them with good conscience. I also think this album really deserved some really large changes to cram the most out of it.

So, that's all the info you'll need I think. Any questions PM or just ask directly in the torrent-message thingy area.

Now, just turn up the volume, and enjoy. ;)


Cheers mate. :)

Well, it took maybe 2 days. I could have done it faster, but I like to take my time and try lots of different things.
I just want to thank you for this great sound you give to the best metal album ever!!!
You lifted it to a new level,much better than original.
God bless you my son.
Keep on with other metal albums that suffer from bad production.
Thanks mate, very glad you found some use out of it. :)
thanx a lot man! c ya all in slaski, poland on may 28! :)
Thank you! Now how about a re-master of ...And Justice For All??
Thx for the dl, and a good job! u can really hear the noise difference on the quiet parts and an overall sound improvemant, u can hear the instruments more individually. thx
i got all 3 of your remastered albums,ride sounds way better,master quite good,but i think you made the guitars on justice a little bit to flat,still good job man :) what program did you use by the way?
Man, I hope I'm not disappointed by this. I absolutely love Master of Puppets, and the original sound of the album is part of the reason. It's a's supposed to sound like a classic. And amateur remastering very rarely ever turns out well..especially on such a great, popular classic such as MoP. I gurantee it'll ruin the entire feel of the album. It'd be like independent film-makers trying to redo "Gone With The Wind" just can't pull it off without the proper experience.
As I assumed, this is total shit. There is NO bass in any of these songs anymore. You can hear the bass lines, but there's no actual bass to it. And there's absolutely no bass to the music overall. It's just guitars and drumming. The guitar sounds great..that's the only positive on this. The drumming sounds flat, no bass, and the vocals still have the classic echo sound to them, which is great, but sounds way out of place with what's been done here. All together, it really makes this album sound horrid. You should be ashamed.

You even mentioned you'd never even heard Master of Puppets before..and that you're into trance and electronica music? So apparently you're not mcuh a Metallica listener..SO DON'T FUCK WITH IT.

Fucking faggot.
Don't worry, I rarely take things personally. ;)

The original is still in existence, obviously. You are completely free to decide to listen to whatever you want, and not listen to whatever you want.

I do find your "Gone with the wind" analogy sort of misplaced. If this had been a cover of reproduction of Master Of Puppets, then it would be appropriate.
What I've done would be more along the lines of color correction and similar processes.

As for the bass issue you mention, there is basically no bass in the original either. The bassguitar is undermixed, and it hasn't got an emphasis on it's lower frequencies, meaning it works more like a 3rd guitar than adding a solid foundation.

Also you mention the vocals having the classic echo to them. Again I'm not sure what you were expecting. Working with stereo audio mixdowns, there is very little changing you can do. Changing the properties of one instrument without affecting others is basically impossible unless the instruments are clearly confined to their own frequency ranges. Things like reverb and ambience are part of the sound, nestled into the frequency spectrum. I could for example mono the sound, which would remoe the illusion of stereo space. But the vocals would still have a characteristic roomy feel to them, akin to listening to someone sing through a narrow gap in a door. Not enveloping ambience, but a voice colored by lots of room sound. Also monoing the sound would obviously affect any instruments that had any sort of stereo data to them.

Thanks for your input though, very appreciated. Though I probably would have respected your opinions even more with a slightly less hostile tone. Not saying you aren't entitled to voice your opinion (it's the internets after all...), but less profanity generally makes people more susceptible and accepting of input, criticism and suggestions. :)
Great job! Enjoy your versions. Waiting for more to come...
Thanks. :)
This sounds amazing!! thank you so much!! I was afraid metallica would try to remaster this album and fuck it up.

Is there any chance of you taking a crack at meatloaf "Bat out of hell"? Personally, I think it is the worst sounding cd I have ever heard. it actually sounds worse than the vinyl lp.
thx 4 all ur hard work.

im trying 2 burn them (AJFA & MOP) using Nero but it wont let me. i cant even add them 2 my burn list. it says i need a plug in. can u help?
plz email me if u [email protected]

thx again
damn, whats up with all the hate? If you dont like it, dont listen to it. It is pretty fucking hard making something that had a shitty source into something better sounding for sure.
BTW, it sounds damn good in my truck! i have my subwoofer playing the kick 60hz and below, midbass drivers crossed @ 60hz-200hz and that picked up a decent sounding bassline, and i like the vocals in this too, no audible clipping, and IT SOUNDS AWESOME!!!!! All my friends liked it too GOOD JOB
Thanks for the comments, glad that some found it useful and/or more listenable. :)
Hey man. I'm trying to download a few of your remastered torrents, but I'm having little to no luck seeing as nobody is seeding them. So, is there any chance you could e-mail me a few songs? I'll keep the torrent going of course, but at this rate, god knows when they'll be done haha.
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