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Icy Steel-Icy Steel-Promo-2007
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Company: Pure Steel Records
Style: Metal
Source: CDDA
Date: 02-13-2007
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Mode: Joint-Stereo
Playtime: 56:29 min
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01. Riding to the Battle (Intro) 
02. Me River 
03. The Man Without End 
04. Spatial Dinasty 
05. Wind of War 
06. Valley Of The Dragon 
07. Secret Of Rune 
08. I See Steel 
09. Corrupted King 
10. Pandemonic Ride (The Last March)

Release Notes: The band borns officially in january 2005 (even if it existed from 3 years) from Stefano and Tiziana. The love for heavy metal imposed them from the beginning a rough sound but not for this less cured, with epic pieces in 80's style.Stefano and tiziana had to bring Icy Steels flag high just with the force of their own spirit reducing themselves to sound with synthetic drums and multitraced guitars before a computer, because in Sardinia, if not for some exceptions, heavy metal scene is getting weaker every year ane even with their efforts to find the missing band members, after many attempts there was nothing to do.After this period a friend who sustained their cause informed them that a drummer with metal in his heart, was looking for a band worth of that music. So the drummer in quest was ALESSANDRO OGGIANO who as soon as he knew of them he didn't hesitate in making himself ahead and after some tries he entered officially to take part in their initial project, giving to the band the same standing of their ideals and willforce.Tries of other guitarists were imminent but a guitar needs a soul who sounds it and not just someone who applies a bunch of techniques just for themselves.As in a chain reaction Alessandro contacted a friend of his, guitarist, with a strong passion for heavy metal, ALBERTO ERETTA and it was useless to say that it was immediately a strong mutual understanding and with him at the guitar the band was not just an idea anymore. Very similar musical influences and ideologies accompanied the band in a coherence so strong that they couldn't find anyone in their same region someone who had their same musical and philosophical ideologies but the band had not a name yet: what else there is so difficult if not a name and a logo for representing band in all of its essence? So there was the need to find the key word, exciting epic and hard at the same time. So stop with unworthy names anymore the less prevedible as they can, stop with who saya that heavy metal is a thing of the past and bad. They don't do it for fashion and the only way to shout this to the world was to refer to what the most founded was in heavy metal : ICY STEEL. The band , concert after concert token more confidence respect to the beginning purposing for the most part own-made songs but even covers like kings of metal, heavy metal angels and breaking the law. The results from the public were positive, there were the ones who hosannate them and there were the ones who hated them because their convinction made them think in good or bad something negative to the public because of the presence of a woman playing heavy metal. Now everyone of them is proud to be part of icy steel and to trust each other because in battle if there is not a strong hand and confidence between warriors there isnt an army that could win.Tiziana leaves the band on April and in summer 2006 new the bass player ROBERTO LADINETTI join in the band! Hail to the icy warriors from Sardinia, love or hate Icy Steel, their first release will be out soon!

The band's debut album will be released on 16th March.