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ARTiST: Metallica              

TiTLE: Greatest Hits            

GENRE: Heavy Metal            

RiPPER: KiNgKoNg                  

RELEASE DATE: 2006-10-15             

track list                               
01 Fuel                           4:29   
02 One                            7:27  
03 For Whom the Bell Tolls        5:11 
04 Master of Puppets (live)       8:54
05 St. Anger                      7:21
06 Enter Sandman                  5:32
07 The Unforgiven                 6:27
08 The Unforgiven II              6:36
09 Sad But True                   5:24
10 Whenever I May Roam            6:44
11 Die, Die My Darling            2:29
12 Whiskey in the Jar             5:04
13 Nothing Else Matters (live)    6:47

It's almost impossible to put all the best Metallica songs 
on one CD, but I've picked my favourites and decided to        
send this one out. Two songs are live, cause they sound      
better. You may not like this rls, so stfu and dont leech.     
The rest of you enjoy and say thanks ;)


thanks a lot!! nice colection!
More of the elder songs, and it would've been a great release.
Why is "Die, Die My Darling and Whiskey in the Jar" on this list of greatest Metallica. They are covers it would be more appropriate to have songs like Seek and destroy, Hit the lights and Blackened on it instead!
Hmm... at least 3 good songs out of 13... to each his own.
Good collection. Add "King Nothing" on there and I'd give you 5 stars :)

Thanks, man.
Hey where is One and Fade to Black? Those are the best songs Metallica ever made.... :)
There's only two, three good songs here =/
Lets see:

Fuel, not one of their best!

One, oh yeah... I would have got pissed if u hadn't added it, best metallica song ever =)

For Whom the Bell Tolls, hmm, im sure there is better songs like Fade To Black on that album...

Master Of Puppets, yayz... great song too ^^

St. Anger, I liked that you added some from their newest album ;) but was this the best from that album? =P

Enter Sandman, also pretty great song =)

The Unforgiven, hmm... not the best one =/ but ok, i guess ;)

The Unforgiven II, did you just add it because of the other one? Cause this one sucks big time =/

Sad But True, this one is pretty ok, I think... presents The Black Album very well ^^

Whenever I May Roam, I like the song... I dunno really if it is actually one of their BEST, but... ok

Die, Die My Darlig, I can't remember it, but its maybe from Garage Inc... so cant say much more then what someone else said, it is a cover =/

Whiskey In The Jar, I've heard it... its also a cover... the song is quite ok, but has nothing to do with best Metallica songs =(

Nothing Else Matters (Live), I havnt downloaded the torren, so I wonder what live it is... And Nothing Else Matters is it good that you added! The classic one for those who really doesn't like Metallica =P

I miss songs from the three first albums... and the load album =/ Stuff like, Wiplash and Battery or maybe Until it sleeps...

as u said, I'll not leech this if I think its crap, and it is, so I wont. It would sure have been nice to know what bitrate and stuff this is in? If you actually DO have the Metallica - ...And Justice For All album, would u maybe rip the "One" song? In WAV (Lossless) formate...
Good songs!
I think alot´s missing from the older albums..they are the greatest
good.... very good infact, dont know about the two cover versions but some of the best are there.Thanks for the upload. Ps. mr.master.d.evil writes a lot but says little and has a shite name the sad fuck(bet he wears make_up)
hey metallica fan are you retarded one is there its track 2 you fool,and you should look at the black album(or vertigo as its actually called) for the best cos one and fade to black are ok but not the best
Mr. Master D. you think someone gives a fuck what you think?

btw ive seen a lot of best of metallica on one cds, but this fucking takes the cake..go home and reconsiter ur life
Mr. Master D. Evil is a fucktard.
Two years after he wrote his stupid ass comments this torrent has 32 seeders. Why? because it has some kick ass songs on it. So far the best "greatest of" of metallica that I've seen. yes, it is missing some of my favorites, but every song on here is worth downloading. So, 2 years later, I want to offer my thanks to noyathepirate for this nice torrent.