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2006-03-16 15:05:21 GMT

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Artist: Rob Zombie   
Album: Educated Horses (Advance) 
Bitrate: VBR kbps     
Label: Geffen Records 
Year: 2006
Genre: Hard Rock 
Rip date: Mar-16-2006 
Store date: Mar-28-2006 
Size: 62,1 MB

01 - Sawdust In The Blood                     01:23                     
02 - American Witch                           03:48                     
03 - Foxy Foxy                                03:29                     
04 - 17 Year Locust                           04:07                     
05 - The Scorpion Sleeps                      03:38                     
06 - 100 Ways                                 01:53                     
07 - Let It All Bleed Out                     04:09                     
08 - Death Of It All                          04:23                     
09 - Ride                                     03:32                     
10 - The Devil's Rejects                      03:54                     
11 - The Lords Of Salem                       04:14


i really dont know anything about Rob Z but i have to ask that is this good?Like Dimmu or like Soilwork for example?!?
hahaha sanos muuta ;)
rob zombie is great!!!
( forgot to say thanks ^^ )
i hear only 2 songs worth listening to...the others are a joke....we shall see
Whoa I cant wait for this to finish downloading, Im a huge RZ fan. THANK YOU Lord_Masterna!
Sadly, this is a disappointment of an album. On the plus side, it's only 60mb, so it didnt cut into my time. I'm a big fan of Rob, but this is shite. Very pop-rock, lighter and a lot worse than previous 3 albums. Even if you liked Sinister Urge, dont pay money for this..
hehe. paliolunta muuta ei taskolampoa...
this aint no fucking hard rock, Rob Zombie is metal/heavy matela crazy sake! do u wanna know any hard rock band ? Guns N' Roses and Lordi is fucking one-word-in-minute hard rock! FUCK YOU!
OK... bitrate is VBR... but what range? You know you DO set that when you encode it...

32-64 VBR is still VBR... and sounds just as much as shit as 64kbps.

So, what is it?
Only song I like off this is The devil's Rejects, but it needs to be heavier....
RZ is a genius. He basically wrote this album to compliment his movie making career. His focus is still Hard Rock and further releases prove that. This release is good and has talent just not what we are all used to hearing. He is a director and movie writer. He also writes and creates the soundtracks to many movies and I think this is proof of that. Many of the parts in this release are used in his movies. Hey, its still ROB so Fuck you all with the negative comments. GO BUY HIS MUSIC. SUPPORT HEAVY METAL! Thanks for the upload.