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Avalanch - Los Poetas Han Muerto
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01. Lucero
02. Cien veces
03. Niño
04. Jamás
05. Alborada
06. El viejo torreón
07. Del cielo a la tierra
08. Los poetas han muerto
09. Madre tierra
10. Ecos de vida


Vocals: Ramón Lage
Guitars: Alberto Rionda
Guitars: Dany León
Bass: Fran Fidalgo
Drums: Marco Álvarez

Genre: Progressive Heavy metal
Country: Spain
Released in: 2003
Cover: Luis Royo
Length: 59:17
Keys: Roberto Junquera

Bitrate 224Kbps
Incluye las tapas

[quote]2003 was crucial for Alberto Rionda: Avalanch, the band he 
plays and composes for (and is also the producer), experienced 
many changes, and this was the first album introducing Ramón Lage 
as the voice of the band, instead of Víctor García, and Marco 
Álvarez instead of Alberto Ardines (both founded the band 
WarCry). Those changes occured after the acclaim album El Angél 
Caído (The Fallen Angel) was released in 2001, awaiting a 
follower to confirm Avalanch as one of the most influential 
Spanish band ever.
Back with a new line-up, a new logo, Avalanch was ready to 
present their new effort called Los Poetas Han Muerto (Poets Have 
The great cover by Luis Royo is just the reflection of the music: 
great songs filled with creativity, emotions, power, in a very 
well structured way: a high class album ranging somewhere between 
hard rock, heavy, progressive and maybe a bit of power metal. 
Great lyrics, intelligent and worth a bunch of poems, supported 
by great vocals, featuring Andre Matos (Shaman) in the song Del 
cielo a la tierra (literally From the sky to the ground, or 
Heaven and Earth) that transmit a kind of force to the songs, 
making them all catchy and meaningful.
The music in itself is not outstanding, I mean, it’s not just 
some musicians showing up, no this album is not about that. It's 
loud when it needs to be loud, soft when it needs to be soft, and 
so are the solos, not present just to illustrate a sudden 
outburst in one’s hands but to give depth, to add melody to the 
songs. All the songs are composed in a very clever way, and 
produced the same way.
The only problem I can find is in the length of some songs. They 
aren’t very long, something like 6 minutes on average, but maybe 
some songs would have been more effective if shortened by 20 to 
40 seconds.
I know some of you may say: “Oh yeah, it sounds really worth my 
money, but… they sing in Spanish, and I know nothing of Spanish!” 
To that I say: “It’s time to learn!” But I could also say that by 
the time I’m writing this review, they’re about to release an 
English version, called “Mother Earth”, featuring a cover of U2’s 
Where The Streets Have No Name.
I haven’t heard this English version, but knowing Alberto Rionda 
is a kind of genius when it comes to his band I bet you can all 
rush to your music store and look for it, or order it, or at 
least check the few mp3s available at their website.
All in all you just have to discover the amazing work of 
I’d like to end this review with the introduction Alberto wrote 
for the song by song of this album, available on their website:
“Siempre he creído que el principio y el fin de una letra es la 
intención de transmitir un sentimiento, una creencia, una 
experiencia, una idea... Algo muy simple puede ser muy complicado 
de expresar, y algo complejo puede llegar a transmitirse con una 
sola palabra. No es una ciencia exacta, pero creo que si la 
intención del autor queda claramente reflejada en ella, y alguien 
es capaz de captarla y de interpretarla, entonces podemos afirmar 
que se ha producido un pequeño milagro en ese complejo ecosistema 
I’ve always thought that the beginning and the end of a lyric is 
the will to transmit a feeling, a belief, an experience, an 
idea... Something very simple can be very difficult to express, 
and something complex may be transmitted by one single word only. 
It’s not an exact science, but I think that if the author’s will 
is clearly reflected in it, and if someone is able to capture and 
interpret it, then we can say that a small miracle has happened 
in this complex ecosystem heart/mind/soul…
Alberto Rionda[/quote]

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