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Mudvayne - TEOATTC & Lost and found Dual Disc (iso)
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2005-04-12 20:07:17 GMT

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Iso Rips of the 2 new mudvayne dual disc that were released today.

Both region 1


1. Silenced 	
2. Trapped in the Wake of a Dream 	
3. Not Falling 	
4. (Per)version of a Truth 	
5. Mercy, Severity 	
6. World So Cold 	
7. Patient Mental 	
8. Skrying 	
9. Solve et Coagula 	
10. Shadow of a Man 	
11. 12:97:24:99 	
12. End of All Things to Come 	
13. Key to Nothing

 Album Description
DVD SIDE: Entire album in 5.1 Surround Sound Exclusive footage: - In the studio - Downtime - Photo shoot - The interview

Lost and Found:

1. Determined 	
2. Pushing Through 	
3. Happy? 	
4. Imn 
5. Fall into Sleep 	
6. Rain. Sun. Gone 	
7. Choices
8. Forget to Remember 	
9. TV Radio 
10. Just 	
11. All That You Are 	
12. Pulling the String

 Album Description:
enhanced stereo (48 kHz/16-bit) and a few more treats.

My upload is taking a hit right now, so just give it some time it will speed up.


ok for some reason Im upping @ 35k and the torrent says its total speed is 4k?

and Im susing abc the text is blue and says couldnt get tracker information?

Shouldnt it been green?
btw I meant to mention, that if you mount theses with alcohol and damien you should be able to strip the region with those progs or dvd decryptor
oh which one of the isos has the music videos actually ON it? That all I TRLY wanted...
plz can sum 1 seed this as i live in the uk and i cant even buy it anywhere. pllllzzz MUDVAYNE ROCKS.................................
someone please seed
Tipharet, plz let us know if you still have the file or if youre planning to seed it soon. thx
Looks like everyone's stuck at about 32%. It's not worth it if someone doesn't seed this!