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Metallica - Surrounded By Anger (Audio DVD)
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2005-04-07 01:13:18 GMT

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This is a release similar to the BlackDVD release which got real good response from people, so now we have done a 5.1 mix of the St.Anger album. So everyone that liked St.Anger here is a version that must be experienced with a 5.1 home theater system.
Availible in both 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS.

Enjoy this hi-fidelity release of Metallicas St.Anger album!
You haven't heard music until you heard it in surround >:)

/ AudiophileSD

NOTE: Audio DVD must not be confused with DVD-A format. This DVD can be played back in any DVD player.


hi mate. is this an official release? or it was a conversion from the 2.0 audiocd to 51. and dts?
It's a Stereo to Surround mix yes, there is no official St.Anger surround mix from Metallica.
Couldn't you basically just play the audio CD through a Dolby Pro Logic decoder and get the same result?
Yes you can but then you won't have the center and surround speakers in correct phase, it would not sound as good as if you did a real 5ch mix with each channel defined on what to play.
Great stuff! Thanx..How about Master of Puppets and justice for all albums?..Next project?
Well new surround albums is granted, Master Of Puppets and Justice album... maybe... :)
And while youre at it why not Sonic Temple with The Cult?:)
how do we burn this file?
i burn this using nero ,dvd video file and you get a menuwhith tracks selection cool thanks
reseed pls....stuck at 91.2% pls
seed please...
Whenever the sound becomes intense, the volume seems to drop. Multiple intruments and vocals combined sound quiet. A single instrument sounds loud. Does anybody else have this problem?
I tried both Windows Media Player and InterVideo WinDVD and had the same problem.
Actually, there IS an official surround mix, but only for the songs "St. Anger", "Frantic", and "The Unnamed Feeling". Get them here:
great record, thx dude!

but how exactly could you upmix a stereo source to 5.1?

any info would be greatly appreciated.
sorry to bother you again: unfortunately from about 3:10 of some kind of monster to the end of the song both formats are totally destroyed :-(

anyone else experienced this?