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Metallica - Kill 'Em All (Digital Enhanced 2005)
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2005-01-31 19:33:54 GMT

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This release ha been long awaited for many Metallica fans, I have been getting loads of request to master the old Metallica albums.
Well here is the first album!

...more will come

Artist...: Metallica
Album....: Kill Em All
Tracks...: 10
Original..: XX-XX-1983
Release..: 01-31-2005
Group...: AudiophileSD
Label....: Elektra
Genre....: Metal
Encoder..: Ogg Vorbis
Source...: CDDA
Quality..: 320kbps Avg
Size.....: 137 MB

--==- Tracklist -==--

##  Track

01 - Hit the Lights
02 - The Four Horsemen
03 - Motorbreath
04 - Jump in the Fire
05 - (Anesthesia) ...Pulling Teeth
06 - Whiplash 
07 - Phantom Lord 
08 - No Remorse
09 - Seek & Destroy
10 - Metal Militia


Well unlike you, I actually got requested to do this release.
Some people actually likes this, and if you are not one of those people just don't listen to it :)

Cause do you think I give a shit about you?
I got a great idea MonkeyPuss:

PM me your email and I will FWD all fan mail regarding my releases to you, then you can see how many people that makes requests and sends fan mail.
Remastra "...And Justice for All" så man hör basgitarren. Då blir jag imponerad. :p
Ps. Jag har tagit Audio Engineer Diploma på SAE, vad har du för ljudteknikutbildning? Ds.

Just some dork in his bedroom twidling the EQ on his CD, poorly.
"twidling the EQ"?

Don't make a fool of your self.
Jag gillade inte skivan. Som MonkeyPuss sa, så har han dragit ner tempot mycket på denna. Och James låter helt värdelös. Tips: tanka inte denna! Det ska ju för fan vara det gamla hederliga Metallica! Remastrande förstör tycker jag, iaf om man ska försöka få skivan att låta "modern". och du som la upp denna: Remastra inte lightning och puppets!!!!! dom finns ju redan i 24 k gold!!!
Yeah whats the fucking point with an amateur Enhanced crap ? So what if the whole world requested you to do it, does that mean you can do some shit 5min and think it will sound good ?

Like the others said unless you will find the orignal recording and re-recode it until stop posting this CRAP! Its a disgrace to metallicas music because james sounds like shit with your enchancing.
You deserve to have your ass kicked. You fucked up Metallica?!
I dunno why people bother leaving negative comments about stuff like this so what if in your opinion this guy has made a bad job of "EQing" this album abit i am sure he enjoyed doing so and if you dont like it then you dont have to listen to it. there is plenty of crap that was originaly rubbish in my opinion but i dont go and comment on there stuff what a waste of time you lot obviously dont have anything beter to do with ur time then to download other peoples work and undermine their efforts. if you think you can do beter then step up to the plate and do so. enough said.
sweet, I made my own too, hope this one is good too!